Thursday, September 08, 2005

Choosing a Golf Course For an Outing? Here Are Some Tips (here's a big one, don't hire Hooters girls as golf cart girls for your church outing)

Choosing a Golf Course: "Never select a golf resort based on golf alone. A good place to start when choosing a course to host your group's golf tournament is with a close examination of your group and its needs. Is the event a major business meeting that happens to offer a little golf on the side, or is it a top-level golf incentive with a few meetings thrown in? Are all of the attendees, or most of them, golfers? If not, what other activities or facilities are you looking for to keep nongolfers happy on site: a spa, tennis courts, a beach? What sorts of players will you be hosting? Are they serious low-handicap players, mid-handicap golfers who play only occasionally, casual duffers, or, as is often the case, a combination of all of these?"

If you happen to be the one stuck putting a golf outing together this advice could be a God send.

Golf Times


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