Monday, September 12, 2005

For the Love of God, Will Someone Please Tell Natalie Gulbis Not to Chew Gum While She's Playing on National TV

So there I was enjoying the Solheim Cup on Sunday when something happened that almost made me turn it off. No, it wasn't seeing Meg Mallon's or Christina Kim's rather ample bottoms. Although that got my channel switching finger twitching. No, it was something that for me is even more annoying. Allow me to explain.

They show Natalie Gulbis as she's teeing off on one of the holes. I was looking forward to seeing her because, well because she's got it going on as far as lady golfers go. Did you notice the short skirt she was wearing? Don't tell me that was an accident. She's got a nice body and she's not affraid to flaunt it. Evidence of that is her swimsuit calendar she has out. She tees off and starts to walk to her ball and that's when I notice it, like finger nails on a chalk board. She's chewing gum. But she' just not chewing it normally, she's chewing it with her mouth open. Arrgghhh !

If it's one thing that turns me off it's that - open mouth gum chewing. Of course I decided to bear the pain because, well, she's wearing that short skirt and in my world the short skirt (and nice legs) trumps the open mouth gum chewing. I just hope her mom or coach or agent or someone tells her to give up the chewing like a cow while playing on national TV.

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