Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sponsor Of 84 Lumber Classic Is At It Again!

Joe Hardy is a #%$&* genius!

He's the owner of the 84 Lumber company and sponsor of the 84 Lumber Classic (go figure). He decicded one day that he wanted to build a golf course that would be good enough to host a PGA event. Couple of problems with that. First, finding a designer with enough clout to give the course some instant credibility and second, getting your tournament on the schedule.

Solving the first problem was easy. He hired Pete Dye. After Pete made the course he hired him again to make it harder after the PGA players scored to well. Now it has a 78.1 rating and a 151 slope (the largest slope possible is 155) making it one of the toughest courses in the nation.
I have no idea how he finagled the second problem. I imagine he promised a nice sized purse (4.4 million) and a long term commitment. That usually does the trick. But he still was shoe horned into weekends that were not the best. Last year the tournament was scheduled the week before the British Open and a lot of the top golfers weren't planning on attending. Know what he did? And here's where the genius part comes in, he chartered a jet to take the players from his tournament directly to the Open. Smart, a good many of the top golfers took him up on it and he also got alot of free press.

Here's another thing he did that was genius. Phil Mickelson had not played in this tournamant to date and apparently Joe was determined to get him there. Know what he did? He sent a clown to his daughter's birthday party with a note that read "See you next year at the 84 Lumber Classic!" So what did Phil do? What else, he signed up to play. Now that's genius!

Read my 8/31/05 post for more Joe Hardy adventures!

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