Thursday, September 15, 2005

Whah Whah WHah. Monty and Campbell Are Crying About The Bad Americans Again.

There was an article yesterday about how the top American players are "boycotting" and "refusing" to play in the World Match Play Championship being held this weekend. Michael Campbell and Monty were quoted as saying this was a bad thing for the Americans blah blah blah and that they are chasing the almighty dollar.

They mentioned four players in perticular, Woods, Mickelson, Furyk and Dimarco. Well boo hoo. These guys get ripped no matter what they do. If they go over seas to play in tournaments like in Dubai where they get appearence money they're accused of chasing money and not supporting their own tour, now they're being accused of chasing money by staying home and playing their own tour. Can't win. By the way, of the four players mentioned in the article three of them are playing in the 84 Lumber Classic. So you can't say they're staying home and not supporting the lesser known tournaments. They do make a lot of money God bless 'em. I'm not jealous I just wish I was one of them.

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