Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Answers to the Golf Quiz

Here are the much anticipated answers to the golf quiz posted on Fri, Oct 14th:

1. The sound the ball makes as it is hit by your driver

2. The sound the ball makes as it hits a tree

3. A birdie (okay, so this one wasn't a golf sound but the word "birdie" is related to golf)

4. The sound the velcro on your golf glove makes as you take it off

5. The sound your spikes used to make (when you were allowed to wear metal spikes) on the parking lot

6. The sound a ball makes as it rattles in the cup

7. The sound a ball makes from an errant shot as it whizzes by your ear

8. The sound you make when your partner accidently slips and pull hooks his drive straight into your groin.

I tried this quiz out on my brother and he didn't come close to getting even one so I guess I was not as descriptive as I could have been. I'll try harder next time, if there is a next time.

Golf Times


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