Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Being a Golf Pro is Like Having a Finely Tuned Formula 1 Race Car

How so you may ask? Well, let's take Mike Wier as an example. Here was a guy who was at the top of his game, I think he cracked the top 10 in the world, won the Masters, just lost the Canadian Open in a playoff, really riding high. Then one night he gets food poison and spends the night curled up around a toilet, literally sleeping on the bathroom floor all night. When he wakes up he finds he has a wrenched back but with some quick stretching and some massages he figured he was not 100% but good enough to go. A week or so later he was back on tour playing in a tournament.

Little did he know that because he was not at 100% he unintentionaly developed some swing modifications in order to compinsate for his bad back. That slight swing change threw his whole game off. He started missing cuts, then his confidence got shaken which further fueled his bad play and the whole thing had turned into a death spiral. He has gotten himself healthy again but his swing is still sick.

My point is that these guys have swings that are so finely tuned that it doesn't take much to throw their timing off which could result in having many competitors zoom past them on the way to the finish line.

Golf Times


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