Monday, October 10, 2005

Daly Suffers Cruel Fate of the Amateur

It was hard to watch. Sixteenth hole, second one of sudden death. Woods is in for par and Daly slid his birdie try 2 feet past. A large part of the gallery has already started the mad dash for the seventeenth hole trying to get a prime viewing location for the next hole that was sure to come. There was just a small matter of Daly cleaning up his par by knocking in the 2 footer. In true Daly style, he stepped up, barely settled over the put and stroked it right into the middle of the.. Oh crap, it skirted left. Unbelievably he missed it. With 1.3 million on the line, he missed it. Daly looked stunned as he quickly knocked the ball into the hole as if he was hoping nobody saw him miss and he could walk over to the seventeenth tee. The camara quickly cut to Woods who momentarily pulled his cap down and ran his fingers over his eyes, truely feeling Daly's pain. Daly shook Woods hand briefly but I'm sure he doesn't remember. The last image of Daly was him walking back to the club house still clutching the dreaded instrument of his destruction, his putter.

Truth be told, the real seed of his downfall came long before he stepped up to that putt. Daly's quick style of play is talked about a lot. I guess it's cool to be a quick player. You know the saying, miss 'em quick. While I'd much rather see Daly play then slow poke, I mean methodical, Bernard Langer there still should be a balance, for Daly's sake, as to how much time he takes in preparing for his shot. By playing this way he will every once in a while suffer the cruel fate us amateurs do many times when we step up to a tap in 2 footer. The humiliating miss.

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