Friday, October 28, 2005

Now We're Bombing Drives In China But Soon We'll Just Be Bombing

It was reported that Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh will be playing in an event in China, sanctioned by the Europian Tour and a few other minor tours. That's all fine and good and I wish them luck but guess what, it won't be long before we're at war with that country.

The western world has done such a great job trading with them and dragging them into the 21st century that now their economy is booming and they have the money to start buying a lot of things. Well guess what they're buying, attack submarines from the Russians, they tried to buy an old ship from the Russians and convert it to an aircraft carrier but that flopped and now I hear they're building a 6 jet engine strategic bomber as well as building up their infantry. Gee, I wonder what they plan on doing with all these toys and men. Let me tell you.

The Chinese hate the fact that we support Taiwan and have sworn that we would defend them if they were attacked by China. We also control the strait (with our attack submarines) between Taiwan and China which also irks them. They now are apparently building up their military to the tune of 10% per year in an effort to get to a strength level they believe will be enough to challenge us should we try to defend Taiwan. They still have a ways to go but they are a patient people and they will wait and strike when the time is right. My belief is that time will come in about 10 to 15 years.

If you have any children who are anywhere from 3 to 10 years old I would be very worried. I have one son that falls in that catagory and I'm starting to check out housing prices in Canada.
I'm kidding but only half.

So, let the pro golfers have their fun, I'm sure they'll be treated like kings. My advice is they should scope the place out while they're there and take plenty of pictures. Those pictures could be used later to help us choose bombing targets.

You heard it here first. Mark my words.

Golf Times


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