Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pros and Cons of Michelle Wie Turning Con (er, I mean Pro)

Should Michelle, ma belle, join the ranks of golf's professionals. Hmm, that's a toughy. Lets do some pros and cons and see if we can't figure this dang thing out.

Pros: She's cute - but that has really nothing to do with anything; she's an instant multi millionaire and will never have to worry about money even if she never makes another cent; this next one is the biggest reason for turning pro that I can think of - she no longer has to worry about getting a career ending injury before she ca$hed in on her potential.

Cons: She pretty much is giving up on her goal of playing in the Masters because she'll most likely never qualify by winning on the men's tour and she can no longer compete in the amateur events like the US Amateur where the winner gets an invite; what's the rush, why put all the extra pressure on yourself when you'll only be playing the few events that she'll get exemptions to from the LPGA (she can't join the tour full time untill she turns 18) and the PGA, she has been playing those events as an amateur anyway.

Well, did we figure anything out - ahh no. Does it matter - ahh, again, no. Unfortunately she didn't consult me before she made her decision so she'll now have to live with that oversight and her 10 meeellion dollars (if you could see me right now I have my little pinky at the corner of my mouth and am doing a spot on impression of Mike Myers).

I hope she can live with herself now.

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