Monday, October 31, 2005

Vijay Singhs the Blues as He Misses Second Straight Cut

What in the world is wrong with Vijay, well besides the fact that he can't put a golf ball into the Grand Canyon from 18 inches even if you spotted him the first twelve. With his ball striking ability and the fact that he hits so many greens in regulation he's usualy capable of at least getting in the top 15 or so. But two missed cuts in a row?! Let the speculation begin. My guess is he's getting a little sump'n, sump'n on the side and it's distracting him. Probably not but it sounds more interesting than the truth which probably has to due with a bad back or some other ailing body part.

And while we're talking about overpayed golfers lets not forget Mickelson who decided to skip the Tour Championship. He cited personal reasons. Actually I don't blame the guy if he wants to take off to do something at home. He's got more money than God so why not. But I do think he owes it to the tour and the fans to give a little more of an explanation instead of the always mysterious "personal reasons". Well, let the speculation begin...

Golf Times


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