Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You Heard of Frisbee Golf, Well Now There's Bum Golf

I saw this story and I had to laugh. I know golf can be an addictive sport but to be played in the middle of the night when your snookered is something else. This story is from the Lucky Pink blog;

The One With Bum Golf

Bum Golf. Dan and I, always in the right place at the right time, witnessed this new sport last night. Settle into your chair... comfy now? Good. It's story time!

As I've mentioned before, Dan's apartment is in downtown Bellingham. But so are all of the local bums. Bellingham has LOTS of bums. By now I'm used to hearing noises on the street below and ignore them. Last night was no exception until Dan looked out the window on his way to bed and called me to come look with him. The event we witnessed was priceless. We'll call the creators of Bum Golf "Forty" and "Timber". Forty was clutching a 40 of cheap beer in his hands while Timber packed around a length of 2x4 and a plastic bucket. Both were absolutely wasted, but Timber appeared to be the leader of the two. We watched from the window as Timber placed the bucket upside down and hit it with the 2x4. The bucket rolled a few feet away. Again, Timber placed the bucket upside down and hit it, this time into the street. Forty trotted out into the street to retrieve the bucket. Meanwhile, Timber was attempting to balance the length of 2x4 on a nearby tree branch. He decided against that game after the board fell and nearly hit him. Forty returned with the bucket and balanced it on a post. A cop drove past and Forty fled while Timber stacked a beer can on top of the bucket. Whack! The beer can flew off the bucket with one swift hit from Timber's 2x4. A few minutes later Forty returned and the game continued, Timber hitting the bucket while Forty fetched it. We could hear the sound of the bucket rolling around on the ground below for quite a while after we got into bed. I suggested to Dan that he make a documentary on bums. He's in a prime location. He could easily film the drunken antics of the bums on the street below from his window. I have to say, watching drunken bums is quite funny./

I'm not so sure having drunken bums making noise outside your bedroom when your ready to go to sleep is funny but if that floats your boat who am I to quivel.

Golf Times


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I will definitely be back often and tell my readers! leg muscle

11:28 PM  
Blogger Lucky Pink said...

Wow, I'm honored!

11:40 PM  
Blogger Mattb said...

No problem lucky and I love that provocative picture with that Mona Lisa smile!

9:23 AM  

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