Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sure It's Not Football But a Golf Injury Can Be a Real Pain In Your Handicap

A golf injury is one of the most common issues with all amateur golfers. But having adequate strength and flexibility of muscles and joints and participating in effective training technique, can also prevent a golf injury...

This is a good article on why you should keep yourself in shape or at least somewhat flexible.

Golf Times

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sacking Par for the Course at the Old Course

The head ranger sacked from the Old Course at St Andrews over claims that he arranged tee times for the multi-millionaire JP McManus has won his case for unfair dismissal. Eddie McDonald, 54, a former chief players' assistant at the St Andrews Links Trust, was sacked for gross misconduct after it was claimed he had abused the ballot system at the home of golf to get places for the Irishman and his brother, Gerry...

Wow, they're tough at St Andrews. Lets face it, who wouldn't bend the rules a little if they knew they were to get tipped quite handsomely by two millionaires. That's assuming of course that Old McDonald (couldn't resist) did anything wrong.

Golf Times

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Choosing a Golf Course For an Outing? Here Are Some Tips (here's a big one, don't hire Hooters girls as golf cart girls for your church outing)

Choosing a Golf Course: "Never select a golf resort based on golf alone. A good place to start when choosing a course to host your group's golf tournament is with a close examination of your group and its needs. Is the event a major business meeting that happens to offer a little golf on the side, or is it a top-level golf incentive with a few meetings thrown in? Are all of the attendees, or most of them, golfers? If not, what other activities or facilities are you looking for to keep nongolfers happy on site: a spa, tennis courts, a beach? What sorts of players will you be hosting? Are they serious low-handicap players, mid-handicap golfers who play only occasionally, casual duffers, or, as is often the case, a combination of all of these?"

If you happen to be the one stuck putting a golf outing together this advice could be a God send.

Golf Times

Here's something to ponder when your game is in a rut (read - sucks!)

Hackers Rejoice - The Site for the Golfer Who Really Sucks! - Every now and then, like a Mike Tyson punch-up or a Mariah Carey movie, your golf game goes afoul. Clubs get thrown, the language gets despicable, and the air gets thick and heavy. It’s a bad day on the links – a day you won’t soon forget. You feel wounded, helpless, abandoned, and above all, extremely irate. It’s at these times, times when you’re about to repeatedly smash your head against the ball washer, when you need to be reminded of a few things.

It's good to know your not alone out there when your game turns sour. This is like Chicken Soup for the bad golfer's soul.

Golf Times

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Here's what to do if your caught on the course during a lightning storm

The Monkey Attacked Me: How To Avoid Being Struck By Lightning: Here are some handy survival tips for avoiding being struck by Lightning."

These are some great tips on what to do and not to do during a lightning storm. BTW, she forgot one tip that Lee Trevino suggested after he was struck by lightning on a golf course. He said to carry a 1 iron because, "Even God can't hit a 1 iron"

Golf Times

Now you can learn Golf and never get off your butt! (sort of)

Golf: "Online golf lessons have grown tremendously in popularity, for the simple reason that they address a problem faced by most golfers. The problem is that of finding the time away from their golf game to take golf lessons. "

Online lessons are great but you have to get out on the range and practice what your learning. That goes for regular lessons as well. You'll be waisting your money on lessons if you don't commit ahead of time to practicing at least 3 to 1, lesson time to practice time, what it is your learning. Here's to lowering your handicap!

Golf Times

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Are the South Koreans Taking Over Women's Golf?

The Golf Blog: "The South Korean golfers won't be at the Solheim Cup (it's only between the US and European tours). But, if they could participate, here's the impressive team they could field:

South Korean team
1. Birdie Kim (U.S. Open winner)
2. Jeong Jang (British winner)
3. Soo-Yun Kang (winner in Portland)
4. Mi Hyun Kim (5 career LPGA victories)
5. Gloria Park (9 Top 10s this year)
6. Jimin Kang (winner Corning Classic)
7. Hee Won Han (3 career LPGA victories)
8. Meena Lee (1 career LPGA victory)
9. Shi Hyun Ahn (2004 Rookie of Year, 8 top 10s)
10. Young Jo
11. Aree Song
12. Se Ri Pak, Joo Mi Kim, Sae-Hee Son, Il Mi Chung, Sung Ah Yim, Young Kim, or Young-A Yang"

The South Korean women golfers have exploded onto the scene recently. Everywhere you look you see one of their country women taking a title, not that there's anything wrong with that. The big question I have is why? Why are these Korean golfers coming on to the scene now in such numbers? Is the country doing something special to develop these golfers or is it just coincidence? This is something that's been puzzling me for a while and I don't have the answer. Can anyone elaborate?

Golf Times
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