Friday, September 16, 2005

Qick Quote Of The Day

Attributed to Hank Aaron: "It took me twenty years to get 3,000 hits in baseball, but I managed to do it in just one day on the golf course."

Two Heart Related Problems In One Week. What Is Going On Here?

First Meg Mallon was taken to the hospital after the award cerimony of the Solheim Cup with a rapid heart rate now David Toms was taken off the golf course at the 84 Lumber Classic in a stretcher with an elevated heart rate. They are both okay but it begs the question - "What is going on here?"

Is it something in the water these people are drinking or what. If one more pro golfer has this problem than I'm going to assume there is a definite correlation between something thses golfers are doing on tour and this ailment. The probabilities are just to great to have three people from a reletively small group have the same problem. We'll see..

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Whah Whah WHah. Monty and Campbell Are Crying About The Bad Americans Again.

There was an article yesterday about how the top American players are "boycotting" and "refusing" to play in the World Match Play Championship being held this weekend. Michael Campbell and Monty were quoted as saying this was a bad thing for the Americans blah blah blah and that they are chasing the almighty dollar.

They mentioned four players in perticular, Woods, Mickelson, Furyk and Dimarco. Well boo hoo. These guys get ripped no matter what they do. If they go over seas to play in tournaments like in Dubai where they get appearence money they're accused of chasing money and not supporting their own tour, now they're being accused of chasing money by staying home and playing their own tour. Can't win. By the way, of the four players mentioned in the article three of them are playing in the 84 Lumber Classic. So you can't say they're staying home and not supporting the lesser known tournaments. They do make a lot of money God bless 'em. I'm not jealous I just wish I was one of them.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sponsor Of 84 Lumber Classic Is At It Again!

Joe Hardy is a #%$&* genius!

He's the owner of the 84 Lumber company and sponsor of the 84 Lumber Classic (go figure). He decicded one day that he wanted to build a golf course that would be good enough to host a PGA event. Couple of problems with that. First, finding a designer with enough clout to give the course some instant credibility and second, getting your tournament on the schedule.

Solving the first problem was easy. He hired Pete Dye. After Pete made the course he hired him again to make it harder after the PGA players scored to well. Now it has a 78.1 rating and a 151 slope (the largest slope possible is 155) making it one of the toughest courses in the nation.
I have no idea how he finagled the second problem. I imagine he promised a nice sized purse (4.4 million) and a long term commitment. That usually does the trick. But he still was shoe horned into weekends that were not the best. Last year the tournament was scheduled the week before the British Open and a lot of the top golfers weren't planning on attending. Know what he did? And here's where the genius part comes in, he chartered a jet to take the players from his tournament directly to the Open. Smart, a good many of the top golfers took him up on it and he also got alot of free press.

Here's another thing he did that was genius. Phil Mickelson had not played in this tournamant to date and apparently Joe was determined to get him there. Know what he did? He sent a clown to his daughter's birthday party with a note that read "See you next year at the 84 Lumber Classic!" So what did Phil do? What else, he signed up to play. Now that's genius!

Read my 8/31/05 post for more Joe Hardy adventures!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Why Do Most Putts Miss? Find Out Below.

Putting: Back to Basics

We're back to putting again. We feel that strongly about it. The average golfer could easily make up 10 strokes a ROUND by putting properly. And it is much easier to practice putting then driving or fairway shots in your house or yard!

The game of golf should be learned from the green back to the tee. That means putting, chipping, fairway shots, and THEN drives. Remember, most shots in a round are from around the green!!!!

The average golfer's tendency, when putting, is to use too much of their wrists and arms, thus breaking down their wrists through the putt. No! No!! NO!!!! DO NOT BREAK YOUR WRISTS!! First it hurts (ok, couldn't resist), second, you LOSE CONTROL!!!

To become a great putter, the perfect combination of shoulders and arms should be used throughout the putt. Any wrist action involved is through the motion of the weight of the putter.

During your putt, concentrate on your shoulders really the putting stroke. On the backswing, your left shoulder moves down and your right shoulder moves up, focusing on your shoulders becoming synchronized. Your left wrist should stay nice and firm throughout.

In order to set up the putting grip, first place the grip in the palm of your left hand, and your entire hand around the grip. Place your right hand underneath your left, in a similar palm grip. Overlap your right hand with your left index finger.

Your palms should be opposite to one another, for a nice locked-in feeling. When setting up to address the ball, make sure your eyes are over the ball, specifically your left eye (if you are a right hand golfer).

Bend your knees slightly, and hang your arms over the ball.

Shift your weight slightly forward on your left foot, favoring the left side of your body. Your hands should also be slightly forward in your stance.

Before making your stroke, make sure your arms, shoulders, knees and feet are all parallel with your target line.

Keep all these elements in tact, and you should see improved putting in no time. .

Standard rule of thumb. Five foot putt, bring (sweep) your putter back five inches, follow through five inches.

Why do most putts miss? Because the stance and the putter head are NOT square to the target line (for such cool people playing this game, isn't the word square used a lot?).

Put this in your muscle and visual memory bank:

Use a square tile floor. Place the putter head along one of the squares, and align your feet using the square pattern of the floor to be, well, square to the target.

Now, take a little peek down the target line. MEMORIZE that look. That is a square look, and that's cool!

Where Should Your Miss Land??

One of the major differences between the Tour pros and the weekend player is that the Tour pro focuses on where he wants his "misses" to land. For example, if the green is sloped back-to-front, the Tour pro will choose a club that will make sure that he leaves his approach below the hole so that he has an easier, uphill putt for birdie.

You should do the same thing. Instead of just walking off the yardage and choosing the appropriate club for the yardage, take a second to study the green to see how it's sloped. If it is sloped severely back-to-front, take one less club or choke down on the club a bit.

Or, if it is sloped hard right-to-left, aim well left of the hole (assuming the hole isn't cut tight to the left side of the green near trouble). By leaving your approach shots on the proper side of the hole, you'll find yourself three-putting or four-putting a lot less.

What are the three worst words in golf?

Wedge, Putter, Wedge (OK, if you don't get it, email me, and I'll explain..)

About the Author

Michael Hamilton is an accomplished golfer, and editor of Golf Tips Weekly Newsletter.

My wife is going to think I've lost it when she sees me in the kitchen with my putter lining up imaginary putts on our tiled floor.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

For the Love of God, Will Someone Please Tell Natalie Gulbis Not to Chew Gum While She's Playing on National TV

So there I was enjoying the Solheim Cup on Sunday when something happened that almost made me turn it off. No, it wasn't seeing Meg Mallon's or Christina Kim's rather ample bottoms. Although that got my channel switching finger twitching. No, it was something that for me is even more annoying. Allow me to explain.

They show Natalie Gulbis as she's teeing off on one of the holes. I was looking forward to seeing her because, well because she's got it going on as far as lady golfers go. Did you notice the short skirt she was wearing? Don't tell me that was an accident. She's got a nice body and she's not affraid to flaunt it. Evidence of that is her swimsuit calendar she has out. She tees off and starts to walk to her ball and that's when I notice it, like finger nails on a chalk board. She's chewing gum. But she' just not chewing it normally, she's chewing it with her mouth open. Arrgghhh !

If it's one thing that turns me off it's that - open mouth gum chewing. Of course I decided to bear the pain because, well, she's wearing that short skirt and in my world the short skirt (and nice legs) trumps the open mouth gum chewing. I just hope her mom or coach or agent or someone tells her to give up the chewing like a cow while playing on national TV.

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