Thursday, October 06, 2005

What are the Chances of Getting Two Hole-In-Ones in One Day - No Seriously, What Are They?

Answer - The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are one in 67 million.

Pros and Cons of Michelle Wie Turning Con (er, I mean Pro)

Should Michelle, ma belle, join the ranks of golf's professionals. Hmm, that's a toughy. Lets do some pros and cons and see if we can't figure this dang thing out.

Pros: She's cute - but that has really nothing to do with anything; she's an instant multi millionaire and will never have to worry about money even if she never makes another cent; this next one is the biggest reason for turning pro that I can think of - she no longer has to worry about getting a career ending injury before she ca$hed in on her potential.

Cons: She pretty much is giving up on her goal of playing in the Masters because she'll most likely never qualify by winning on the men's tour and she can no longer compete in the amateur events like the US Amateur where the winner gets an invite; what's the rush, why put all the extra pressure on yourself when you'll only be playing the few events that she'll get exemptions to from the LPGA (she can't join the tour full time untill she turns 18) and the PGA, she has been playing those events as an amateur anyway.

Well, did we figure anything out - ahh no. Does it matter - ahh, again, no. Unfortunately she didn't consult me before she made her decision so she'll now have to live with that oversight and her 10 meeellion dollars (if you could see me right now I have my little pinky at the corner of my mouth and am doing a spot on impression of Mike Myers).

I hope she can live with herself now.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

For The Neat Freaks Out There (and I know your out there), Here's Some Tips On Keeping Your Clubs Clean

Read this post about cleaning your golf clubs from Hitting the Links and thought most people could learn something. Personally, the only time I have my clubs cleaned is if someone at a golf course cleans them for me looking for a tip but this post is for the people who like to take care of their things;

Keeping Your Golf Clubs Clean

My mother always taught me to keep everything spotless. I think this explains my almost weekly cleaning of my clubs. It could also have something to do with my game living in sand and thick grass! Either way, I have a pretty simple system devised to get my clubs in tip-top shape. You are going to need a few household items:
A sink
Dishwashing liquid (lemon-scented Joy for me)
A toothbrush
A towel

The Irons
First, fill your sink with warm water. You should be able to keep your fingers under the water without having a first-degree burn. If it's too hot, you'll loosen the ferrule (that plastic ring that separates the head and the shaft). Just fill the sink enough to cover the heads of the clubs.
Stick your irons in the sink (not the woods) and let them soak for a minute or two. We're just trying to get the grass, dirt and chemicals off the club. One-by-one take a toothbrush to the head and scrub. Get all the junk off there.
Once satisfied, rinse the soap off and dry the head and shaft off. Repeat until you have cleaned all those irons.

The Woods
For your woods, quickly dip them in the water and then scrub them. You don't want to soak them because they will lose their finish. Once removed, use the toothbrush to clean out the grooves and then wipe them with a soft cloth.
I am extra careful with my woods.
If you have any tips on cleaning your clubs, offer them here. /

Anyone want to clean mine when your done with yours?

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You Heard of Frisbee Golf, Well Now There's Bum Golf

I saw this story and I had to laugh. I know golf can be an addictive sport but to be played in the middle of the night when your snookered is something else. This story is from the Lucky Pink blog;

The One With Bum Golf

Bum Golf. Dan and I, always in the right place at the right time, witnessed this new sport last night. Settle into your chair... comfy now? Good. It's story time!

As I've mentioned before, Dan's apartment is in downtown Bellingham. But so are all of the local bums. Bellingham has LOTS of bums. By now I'm used to hearing noises on the street below and ignore them. Last night was no exception until Dan looked out the window on his way to bed and called me to come look with him. The event we witnessed was priceless. We'll call the creators of Bum Golf "Forty" and "Timber". Forty was clutching a 40 of cheap beer in his hands while Timber packed around a length of 2x4 and a plastic bucket. Both were absolutely wasted, but Timber appeared to be the leader of the two. We watched from the window as Timber placed the bucket upside down and hit it with the 2x4. The bucket rolled a few feet away. Again, Timber placed the bucket upside down and hit it, this time into the street. Forty trotted out into the street to retrieve the bucket. Meanwhile, Timber was attempting to balance the length of 2x4 on a nearby tree branch. He decided against that game after the board fell and nearly hit him. Forty returned with the bucket and balanced it on a post. A cop drove past and Forty fled while Timber stacked a beer can on top of the bucket. Whack! The beer can flew off the bucket with one swift hit from Timber's 2x4. A few minutes later Forty returned and the game continued, Timber hitting the bucket while Forty fetched it. We could hear the sound of the bucket rolling around on the ground below for quite a while after we got into bed. I suggested to Dan that he make a documentary on bums. He's in a prime location. He could easily film the drunken antics of the bums on the street below from his window. I have to say, watching drunken bums is quite funny./

I'm not so sure having drunken bums making noise outside your bedroom when your ready to go to sleep is funny but if that floats your boat who am I to quivel.

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Just Because He's a Golf Pro, It Doesn't Make Him a Nice Guy

Here's a good story from Hooked On Golf about going off half cocked when you don't know the person you're dealing with;

It's not your swing, it's your clubs. It's not your clubs, it's your swing.
A good friend of mine was having some issues with his golf game. His swing wasn't quite right and wisely he sought out a PGA Professional for some lessons. Well, maybe it was a wise choice.
The pro was based in one of those facilities which is primarily a driving range, and secondarily an executive golf course. During the lesson the pro informed my friend that due to his height (about 6'3?) and his swing, his clubs were a complete mismatch. In the pro's words, it's not your swing, it's your clubs. He wouldn't really be able to help my friend because they'd have too much trouble trying to overcome the mismatched clubs.
My friend was serious about improving his game so he asked the pro what he should do. The pro told him the best thing for him would be to have a custom set of Henry-Griffitts irons made for him. Trustingly my friend then went through the fitting process, and then plopped down $1700 for the clubs.
A couple of weeks later my friend excitedly called me and we immediately met at the driving range. He was thrilled to try out his new clubs and see how great his swing would work.
On the range he had some troubles hitting the new irons. In fact, he could hardly hit them at all. Now mind you, this is a 4 handicap player who just can't make solid contact. He tried everything he could think of to adjust his swing but he still never hit the irons well.
At his next lesson with the pro he explained his problems with the clubs. The pro had him hit a few shots. When he asked the pro what he thought, the pro said, it's not the clubs, it's your swing.
Needless to say my friend was furious. He ended up having a very heated battle with the pro and his shop and nearly consulted with an attorney. Eventually the pro took back the irons and gave my friend a refund.

Be sure you’re with a pro you can trust.

It's a shame to say but you always have to be on your guard.

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Golf Phenom, Michelle Wie Will Turn Pro on Wed and Become An Instant Millionaire

Is Michelle giving up her dream to play in the Masters? I think she is. She's stated that was one of her goals and her plan to get there was to win the men's US Amateur (or take 2nd which also gets an invite). Turning pro will seal off that avenue. Her only other way now would be to earn a spot through playing on the PGA tour. I'm sure she'll get some chances to play on the men's tour but she'll never win enough to sniff a chance to play at the Masters. It's a shame, I would have enjoyed watching her play there.

Anyway, she's now turning pro and word is she's signed deals with Nike and Sony which will earn her a cool 10 mill. Not a bad piece of scratch. I wonder how Annika feels about that since she's won 9 majors and only (ONLY) makes 6 mill in endorsement money per year. You can read about it at CBS Sports .

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Callaway Golf Will Slice (not hook) It's Payroll

Callaway Golf announced they are going to consolidate their golf ball manufacturing plants and do other cost cutting measures to get more efficient and boost profitability (in other words they're laying people off). Sounds like a great idea unless your one of the poor souls losing your job. You can read more about it at Yahoo News.

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