Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Silly Season Means Serious Cash

Congrats to the pink skirt wearing Fred Funk who won $925 big ones in last weekends Skins Game. In a match with Tiger, Couples and Sorrenstam only Tiger was able to take anything home (75K). In case you didn't see it, Fred said that if Annika out drove him he would wear a skirt. Sure enough on the third hole she out drove him by seven yards (278 to 271). Out came the skirt. The fact he had one with him tells you how confident he was.

The silly season can do alot for your wallet but the key is to get invited to these events like the Skins Game and the Shark Shoot Out. Funk is a good guy to do these events because he's likable and doesn't mind poking fun at himself. He should have been invited to this a long time ago.

The Sulton of the Silly Season though has got to be Fred Couples. I read that at the height of his career, for like a six or seven year stretch he won as much if not more during the silly season then he did during the official season.

Now that's making some seriously silly cash.

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