Friday, December 09, 2005

Some Golf Nonsense

Here's a few tidbits about our favorite subject:

A golfer's lament - "I can hit the ball long and straight, but never at the same time."

Seve Ballesteros speaks on course design. "Fairways should be made more narrow, then everyone would have to play from the rough and not just me."

And finaly a convesation heard on the 19th hole - "Why do they call it golf, anyway?" "Because all the other four letter words were taken."

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

You Can't Beat Q-School For Pure Drama

Some people think high drama is being down by 3 points in a playoff football game with 2 minutes left and having the ball on your own 10 yard line. That does make for good drama but it can't compare to Q-School on day 6 and here's why. In football, the only thing at stake is the glory of winning, the players already made their paycheck and the outcome of the game doesn't affect that unless they did something so horrific they get cut. But in Q-School a person's whole living is at stake. If they dodn't make the top 30 (and ties) it's "See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!", banished to the Nationwide Tour and God forbid if they don't make it in the top 80 then it's "LOSER!" go straight to the unemployement line.

Every year it seems there is some heart breaking story about how someone just missed the cut by one stroke. The all time story had to be the one a couple of years ago when a guy, can't remember his name, putted his ball in for par from a couple of feet and as he bent down to pick it out of the hole the ball popped out. Turns out the plastic insert that holds the flag stick wasn't seated properly and the ball hit the edge of cup and bounced out. He had to take bogey and guess what, you got it, he missed the cut by one. I still whince when I think of that.

Here's a list of some notables and how they did;

First up is a guy no one has ever heard of (well at least I haven't, I'm sure his mom has). His name is Alex Aragon, he had the round of his life on the last day, shooting a 7 under 65 to make the top 30 by one stroke. Now that's coming through in the clutch. Other names who made the top 30 are Bill Haas, Bill Glasson, Hunter Mahan and Bubba Dickenson.

Now for the ones who missed out;

Grant Waite went 2 over to miss by one - Ouch! Other guys who missed but made the top 80 and have an exemption into the Nationwide Tour are; Steve Stricker, Omar Uresti, Roberto Coceres, Tripp Isenhour and Jay Don Blake.

Here's a group of players who totally blew it and missed even the top 80; Larry Mize, Dean Pappas, Matt Gogel, Bob May, who just a few years ago took Tiger to a playoff in a major (I think it was the PGA Championship) and last and almost least, Tiger's good friend, Notah Begay III who just a few weeks ago had a top five finish at a PGA event.

You just can't beat watching the thrill victory (making the cut) and the agony of defeat (missing the cut) on such a personal scale.

Golf Times
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