Thursday, January 19, 2006

Golf Course Too Tough For You? Boo Hooo

I've been hearing alot of complaining about how tough golf courses are getting. There's an article by Chris Baldwin over at Travel Golf that laments the fact that courses are getting to hard. Well I've got some advice - don't play them. There are plenty of other courses that are less difficult they can play. Also, Chris scoffs at playing the up tees but I disagree. If the designer has done his job then the course should be more playable from the closer tees. If not, then again, go somewhere else.

The people who should be worried about this trend are the owners. If people don't play their course because it's too hard then they'll lose money and I'm sure that will be the quickest driver in getting courses back under control.

But I still hear more people talk with excitement about the "brutal" course they just played then talk with excitement about the "easy" course they just played.

Sorry Chris,I think the "brutal" trend will continue.

Golf Times


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