Thursday, January 05, 2006

Looks Like ABC is Finally Wising Up

I can't understand how these networks negotiate these huge contracts with sports when they know they will most likely lose money. If I did that in my job I'd be out on my rear. Actually, I don't have a job where I have that kind of responsibility but you get the point.

Well ABC has come to their senses. They say they have been losing money for the last 5 years on golf - yikes! They decided to walk away from negotiations even with the new, revamped and much ballyhooed golf scheduled coming out in 2007.

Maybe this will send a signal to the pros that they should support their tour a little more - hear that Tiger and Phil? You can read more about it at USA Today

Golf Times


Blogger dave said...

This does sound like a problem might be in the future but I don't know if they can get the full picture and will that help.

12:42 PM  
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