Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wilson is Becoming More Than a Bloody Handprint on a Volleyball

When I was young, make that younger, Wilson used to be THE company. Well, them and Spalding. But for golf clubs it was Wilson. Then they kind of went the way McArthur wanted to go as an old soldier - they just faded away. The only recognition they got in recent years was in the movie castaway, when Tom Hanks used a Wilson volleyball as his love interest.

But, it's a new day, Wilson is starting to awaken from it's years long slumber. They're shaking out the cobwebs and starting to come to life. They revived their Staff line and are doing the things necessary to compete with the brash upstarts.

I could go on or you could just slide on over to Golfers World and read a good article on what Wilson has been up to.

PS - I hear Dick's is having a sale on bloody handprinted volleyballs.

Golf Times


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