Monday, February 13, 2006

Those Lucky SOBs at Pebble Beach!

While the pro's and celebs yucked it up at Pebble this weekend you know what I was doing, wrestling with the ready for the scrap heap, rusted, crumbling to the touch and porous conduit that masquerades as the plumbing under my kitchen sink.

I started out trying to replace the original offending piece. In order to do that I had to take some other pieces off. It was at this time that the trap piece took the opportunity to crack completely in half. The original leaking piece was the one going into the floor and was soldered to the copper pipe leading underneath the floor. I was affraid of lighting my house on fire by trying to loosen the weld with the torch so I tried to hacksaw the piece off - bad idea. It was still welded in there but now I had no pipe to work with. I eventually got it out by torching it from the inside of the pipe and prying it out. After replacing that piece and the trap piece I put everything back together and it worked without leaking...for a little while until a 90 degree piece decided to crack and leak - I kid you not.

After replacing that piece the joint where the 90 degree piece goes into another 90 (please don't ask why I have two 90's, I just do) leaked. I finally had to put plumber's putty in the joint to stop the leaking... for now.

All the while they were in the sunshine, the pros and the celebs, millionaires all, who can afford to have a plumber do all the crap I had to do. Oh and did I tell you I live in the NE US where we had a foot of snow this weekend.

See why I say those guys are lucky SOB's.

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