Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Not The Boss Of The Moss? Got The Answer Right Here.

Here's a scenario for you. Par 5, you hammer a drive that splits the fairway pretty as you please. You drill a 3 wood that lifts majestically into the air and flutters down onto the green 20 feet below the cup. You're staring eagle straight in the face.

Now comes the sad part. You blow your putt 5 feet past then miss it wide coming back. Now you're left with a 3 footer up hill. You step up, aim, pull the club back, push it forward, opening the blade as you do so and miss to the right for a 4 putt bogey. Ouch!

It happens to too many of us. If it happens to you then you need a quick lesson. Here's a drill from Golf Drill Guru:

The Problem: The players putting stroke is inconsistent.

The Result: Missed putts, and higher scores.

The Drill: Among many of the professionals who have used this drill, Tiger Woods is probably the most well known. And for this time only, since Tiger does it, you should to!

This drill involves two tees, your putter and a ball. It’s very simple.

Stick the tee’s into the putting green so that they make a gate just wide enough for your putter to slide through. Place your ball in the center of the gates, pick your target, preferably something no longer than about 15 feet away, as long putts tend to encourage a more inconsistent stroke. Now, get set up and work on making your putter slide through the gate without hitting the tees.

Be aware that the placement of the ball between the tees is a very important factor in the contact on the putter face. Be sure to place the ball where it will have the best chance to hit the sweet spot, and slide through the gate. Give it a try, and increase the consistency and reliability of your putting stroke!

And stop the 4 putts.

Golf Times


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