Monday, March 13, 2006

Taylor Made 320 Tour, Not Bad for the Money

I've had my problems with drivers as has most of you I'm sure. Just when I was ready to give up the ghost and go exclusively with my Taylor Made 200 Steel 2-Wood or my Titleist PT13 (has feel but no forgiveness), I took a chance with one of these.

I figured, go for it big boy, $79 brand new with the headcover, not big amount of moolah for a club nut like me. I was really surprised! This club is long, forgiving and unlike most humungous titanium drivers it actually has feel.

Maybe its the .335 tip shaft that allows you to actually feel the clubhead throughout the backswing. The face on this club is also square, not closed like on the other versions which makes for a much more 'honest' club.

I have owned the R510 and R540 and in my opinion this club is far superior in every respect to both of those. At 360cc, it is plenty big and it offers the maximum allowable COR, so you sacrifice nothing in terms of performance.

This club is the best kept secret out there. Just goes to show you that driver technology has already gone about as far as it can go. The big manufacturers would have you paying hundreds for their latest marketing gimmick.

No thanks, I think I'll be sticking with this one for quite a while.

Well, that is until they come out with a club that will actually swing it for you.

Golf Times


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