Saturday, April 15, 2006

84 Lumber Classic Gets 86ed

All the talk Joe Hardy did about making his tournament one of the best on the PGA is now kaput. Apparently his 84 Lumber stores are not doing as well and he has pulled his sponsorship.

I have to give him credit, he had a goal of building a great golf course and having the PGA play one of it's premiere events there and he was right on the verge of achieving it when he had to let it go.

He started out getting his event played in Sept for a few years until he was rewarded with a prime June spot the week after the US Open starting in the 2007 season.

A week after the anouncement that they were closing a slew of stores they dropped the hammer on the golf tournament.

This must be a real blow to Joe Hady's ego. Lucky for him he still has his millions to console himself with.

Golf Times


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