Saturday, April 01, 2006

Masters Golf Tournament May Not Be In Ames' Future

The Masters Tournament for a lot of pros is their favorite major. Some players build their whole schedule around trying to get an invite.

So it's always surprising to hear when a golfer gets the coveted invitation and decides not to atte nd.

Ames is weighing his options right now. IC Wales has a good article on Ames and his quandry:

Stephen Ames shocked the golfing world last night within an hour of capturing the sport's richest event.

The 41-year-old said he might turn down the invitation to next week's Masters that was part of his reward for winning the Players Championship in Florida.

'I would rather go on vacation, to be truthful,' commented Ames.

With his two sons on spring holiday from their school in Canada and his wife Jodi still recovering from the surgery last July that removed three-quarters of one lung after the discovery of cancer, Ames had planned to take them back to his home in Trinidad for the next two weeks.

'My priorities have always been my family first and if it comes down to that it's probably going to be a two-week vacation,' he added.

'The Masters was not on my schedule, now it is obviously, so I have got to sit down and talk to them about it.'

He's unbelieveable, a chance of a lifetime and he doesn't care, wow.

Golf Times


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