Friday, April 14, 2006

What Dictates Your Golfing Ability?

Let Mike Pedersen tell you himself. He's the golf fitness guru who has the Perform Better Golf website. He'll also tell you how to hit longer drives to boot. Here's how:

Every golfer is looking for the magic bullet for longer drives.

I can't tell you enough, how important it is to get your
body moving better in your golf swing. The ONLY way to do this
is to work on your body "off the course".

Hitting more balls won't do it! Buying every training aid
gimmick won't either. It's very simple. "Your body dictates
your golfing ability!"

To keep this email short, I've got a simple exercise you can
do right in your living room that will add a ton of yards to
your drive.

I call it the Lunge With A Twist:

* Stand holding medicind ball or single dumbbell in front of you.
* Take an elongated step forward.
* As you lower onto that front leg rotate to the same side as the
forward leg.
* Slowly return to starting position and repeat.
* Do ALL 10 repetitions on that leg, then switch legs.
* Do 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions each leg.
Benefit to Golf Swing:
* Improve overall strength of entire body.
* Working in combination the legs and upper body rotation similar to
the golf swing.
*Greatly improve both stability and power through the core for
straighter, longer shots.

This is just one simple golf exercise of many you can do to
literally transform your golf swing and game.

He's got a great program that really can make a difference in your game and your general fitness.

Golf Times


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