Thursday, January 19, 2006

Golf Course Too Tough For You? Boo Hooo

I've been hearing alot of complaining about how tough golf courses are getting. There's an article by Chris Baldwin over at Travel Golf that laments the fact that courses are getting to hard. Well I've got some advice - don't play them. There are plenty of other courses that are less difficult they can play. Also, Chris scoffs at playing the up tees but I disagree. If the designer has done his job then the course should be more playable from the closer tees. If not, then again, go somewhere else.

The people who should be worried about this trend are the owners. If people don't play their course because it's too hard then they'll lose money and I'm sure that will be the quickest driver in getting courses back under control.

But I still hear more people talk with excitement about the "brutal" course they just played then talk with excitement about the "easy" course they just played.

Sorry Chris,I think the "brutal" trend will continue.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Uh Ohhh. A New Precedent Has Been Set

According to a Sunday Jan 15 post over at Golf Blogger, an Iowa man was struck and injured seriously during a city sponsored tournament by a golf ball while standing in the 18th fairway. The ball was hit from the first tee (sounds like my ball flight M.O.).

No big story right, happens all the time you say. Stop wasting my time with your drivel you say. Well, banana slice breath, let me tell you what happened next. The guy sued the city. The city rightly argued that there is an inherent risk to golf, all normal so far but guess what, the court thought differently. They ruled that "the city could have taken steps to protect golfers from errant shots, like planting trees or shrubs to shield the fairway on 18 from sliced shots on the 1st tee..." Has the court ever heard of Links style golf for goodness sake!

Yikes, that's trouble. Now that the lawyers have smelled blood, no course will be safe to be injured on (huh?). As Golf Blogger said, now you'll have to go to the first tee with your pro shop issued hard hat and goggles.

Maybe I should look into buying stock in the National Hard Hat and Goggle Manufacturing Co.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Interested In Buying Clubs? Look At These Pro Stats

Lets take a look at what the pros are playing. The following is courtesy of the Darrell Survey. All stat represent the total number of times players started a round with a particular club or ball in their bag:

Driver - TaylorMade 2,205

Irons - Titleist 1,140

Fairway woods - TaylorMade 5,078

Wedge - Titleist 2,713

Putter - 2,158

Ball - Titleist 3,941

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