Friday, June 02, 2006

What Do The Amish And The Memorial Have In Common?

The rakes! Jack Nicklaus wanted to put some teeth into his course that has had double digit below par winners for the past several years so he decided to make the sand traps harder.

Ohio has a large Amish community and it turns out they make these wooden rakes with widely spaced tynes that were perfect for making furrows in the sand. Jack bought 150 for his course but when he tested them he found that you could still spin the ball out of the traps so he had every other tyne removed. That did the trick.

So far most players have been doing a fair amount of whining about them (except the ones who played well) which tells me Jack made the right move.

This is not something new, back in the 30's, Oakmont used to have deep furrows in their sand traps until the USGA outlawed them.

I hope this idea cathes on. The pros have gotten so good out of the perfectly uniform and coifed sand that they hope their errand shots go into the traps instead of the thick rough. The traps are bearly penal anymore.

Here's to Jack and his attempt to make the pros think a little before they fire away.

Next he should replace the golf carts on his course with the horse and buggy.

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